Adventure Town 2

Adventure Town


BRAND NEW journey and city building game, already with over 1 MILLION players on this Game!

5/5 – voluminous fun!!
5/5 – This can be associate amazing game!
5/5 – Love, love, love this game!

The Adventure Town could be a pleasing new game with associate fun mixture of city building with lightweight battle parts. Build your town and attract new Heroes to fight for your source. Send Heroes to defeat monsters and traverse dungeons in close lands. Quests can guide, amuse and reward you. begin on this extravagant expedition to revive greatness to your world and deport the forces of darkness!

• liberal to PLAY!
• Build outlets, homes and decorations to form your own distinctive town!
• Attract and strengthen Heroes to beat threatening monsters!
• Fight Lord Darkness and his huge evil Bosses in heroic face!
• Quests and a bounty board give continuous provocation and rewards!
• Compare progress against friends with full procurement and leaderboards!

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