Blood Pressure (BP) Calculator

A new distinctive Health Application – a requirement have!
It calculates and checking your blood pressure or crucial level with appx. ±10%
“Blood pressure” is that the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries because the heart pumps blood. If this blood pressure increase and stays long over time, it will distress the body in some ways.
It is wise to stay a track of BP levels throughout the day. So we got developed one thing that calculates your BP in an exceedingly convenient manner.
Now you will not have to be compelled to carry a significant instrumentality with you. All you wish is that this ever helpful application.
● Measure your pulsation and beat Blood pressures quickly.
● Small and straightforward to use application.
● Periodically check your pressure level readings within the Application.
● Symptoms and tips to assist you retain your pressure level on top of things.

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