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Bookkeeper Accounting

The Book Keeper Money Accounting could be a financial/business double entry accounting app for tiny and middle sized businesses.
This is a 30 day trial version when that you would like to get Book Keeper donation.
The Book Keeper monetary Accounting has powerful, in built options that area unit plan to satisfy the requirements of your business. Its uncomplicated computer programmed permits you to keep up your company books. It’s supported skilled accounting idea to confirm balanced books and right reports.
Now enter your daily permit and let Book Keeper monetary Accounting does the entire twin accounting.
• Easy, real double-entry accounting
• If you are successful businessman multiple corporations support
• Maintain individual ledgers/accounts
• Self-activating computation of profit/loss
• Enter daily transactions (sole-entry & binary -entry mode)
• Produce sales, purchase, receipts, payments, banking transactions
• Originate invoices and mail them to customers
• Enter tax license, read tax computation and file tax returns
• Mail receipts to client
• Recurring/equivalent transactions
• TDS transactions
• Service Invoicing
• Keep track of paid/unpaid invoice, outstanding receivable/payable with aging analysis
Order generation
• Generate sales order, issue commercial document

Inventory Management
• Built independent inventory things together with your own units of live.
• Record purchase/sale/purchase come back/sales return voucher entries of those things.
• Automatic valuation of closing inventory supported inventory accounting.

• Read varied monetary reports (Trial Balance, P&L A/C, commerce A/C, record etc.) that area unit mechanically generated
• Read careful reports of every point
• Read outline of all point
• Profit consolidation at financial-year finish
• Export reports as PDF/CSV/HTML

• Backup and restore all information
• Duplicate/Split company
• Backup/Restore company via Mail, Drop box etc.
• Support for Google Cloud Printing
Permissions explained:
Storage: For stockpile company support and reports (in PDF, CSV, hypertext markup speech format) on your South Dakota card.
Network Communication: For interacting with our servers after you login together with your email ID (with that you bought the subscription).
Contact Information: For taking contacts whereas making associate account.
Phone standing & Identity: For linking your email ID (with that you bought the subscription) together with your distinctive device ID.


Gold Live


Now download the Kitco Gold Live! Android mobile app to remain in reality with the valuable metal and near markets on the go! With the comprehensive coverage and full management, it brings live spot costs for gold, silver and alternative metals, in conjunction with vital market data to your hands. The amazing Gold Live! Application and app for Android phones is currently on the market to transfer for free!
Key options of the Gold Live! Android application and app
• Currently totally compatible with all Android phone found slab
• Kitco News Video
• Move to American state card practicality
• English, French, clarify Chinese and ancient Chinese language choices
• live gold price charts.
• Retell for valuable metals, base metals, indices, oil and mining preference share
• Make the home page for your Android mobile
• Gold costs and alternative spot costs updated oftentimes (approximately 1 to 10 minutes)
• London city is the Fix value
• Present news, commentaries and press releases
• Rate of exchange comparisons for thirteen currencies
• Gold costs and alternative information from, the quantity one metals market data web site
• Local, NY Time and universal time geographical zone choices
• Unit of live conversion choices
• Full screen mobile technical and historical charts

EasyMoney Money Manager

EasyMoney Money Manager

The EasyMoney is a pretty app for android phone that is no 1 cash manager app that mixes associate degree expense manager, a bills and others dues reminder, a chequebook register and a forecast planner programs!
EasyMoney expense manager provides a chic, elaborated window into your personal finances and daily cash management desires.
Track and manage daily expenses fast & easily! Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses etc. The all be managed quickly victimisation EasyMoney expense manager’s easy and instinctive computer program.
Interactive reports & graphs allow you to analyse financial gain, expenses, income and balance over numerous and date ranges or accounts.
Now to a lot of achieve a desired result and manage your budgets, you wish a budget planner that produces keeping track of your expenses fun and simple. The integrated budget manager inside EasyMoney helps you to set monthly budgets on particular accounts and classes or check them via color coded budget health bars that inform you but after you money that is owed and should have been paid earlier to exceed your budgets.
Also integrated may be a bills reminder that helps you avoid unpleasant late fees by supplying you timely reminders to pay your bills. you’ll be able to even take an image of your bills or invoices to stay a digital record.
Full list of in depth options add:
-The lop of deal supported for a lot of elaborated financial gain & expense management
-Export captured knowledge as QIF & CSV to desktop cash managers (eg. Quicken) for expense news etc.
-Includes a Home Screen device for even quicker expense management & following. Add transactions straight from the house page once you change the device – nice for daily expense tracking!
-Receive notifications of future and delinquent bills – for each one-time payments in addition as continual bills
-Set monthly budgets on specific accounts and/or classes and monitor them via color-coded budget health bars
-Fully customizable financial gain and expense classes for a lot of correct budget coming up with.
-Take Photos of Bills & Receipts
-Integrated chequebook Manager
-Track and manage expense and financial gain for multiple accounts in multiple currencies
-Setup continuation transactions
-Support transfers between accounts
-Lock application employing a 4-digit security pin
-Backup knowledge onto American state card
-Daily machine-driven backup creation
-30 days free trial!
EasyMoney was enclosed in LifeHacker Magazine’s list of the highest five best mobile personal finance tools inGregorian calendar month 2011.
The recent publication – wonderful golem Apps for Dummies – conjointly enclosed EasyMoney as a featured personal finance application.
This app isn’t only for cash lovers! whether or not you’re yearning for a far better daily in life .Expense manager or attempting to remain out of debt and be cash wise, EasyMoney is certainly the perfect tool to remain on highof your finances.
We try this final personal cash manager free for 30 days now!