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Beauty Tips Skin Care


Beauty Tips and skin Care Tips for Female:
You are either born lovely otherwise you grow on to become lovely.Skin is that the simply half that gets your observation, and to appear enticing is each femails and mails dream. Manicure, pedicure, hair, facial skin area unit the the obligatory aspects of a good brushed body. And a well brushed male or feminine enjoys a good deal of attention from the other sex. Take it slow off and delight in the best of the straightforward beauty tips provided during this beauty tips app and find that X issue operating your manner. Follow the homely tips within the apps and collect the compliments flowing your manner .Try out the straightforward beauty tips and you’re absolute to cut on to your makeup and parlor bills. Move this free beauty tips app and alter your image from “awful” to “awesome”. This beauty tips app is bound to show heads for you!!
About the sweetness tips beauty tips and skin Care app:
For Female Beauty Tips:
• Manicure and pedicure solutions- simple , reliable and with do at home ingredients.
• Natural Hair care to stay your hair , healthy, shiny and robust.
• Facial solutions Treat your facial skin with age previous ancient ways to stay your skin glowing– with no aspect effects.
For Male Beauty Tips:
• Simple and strong path of hair care and hair fall, growth solutions.
• Tips to get rid of your facial tan and still offer that manly look.
• Manicure and Pedicure.


Instant Heart Rate


The best Health & Fitness app on android Phone leading Awards 2011 per jury of trade consultants
immediate pulse is that the correct pulse detector app for any android application and it does not any outside apparatus.
Use it for optimizing your exercise and to trace your progress.
Install it currently and keep match.
Perfection is repeatedly chaque your health coaches, nurses, doctors, EMTs and five million users such as you.

I fondness this app! Because its very neat caus im making an attempt to induce healthy

I was skeptical- being a nurse i assumed yah right! therefore i attempted it at work with a monitor. It worked! terribly terribly happy!
Place the tip of your finger on phone’s camera and in an exceedingly number of seconds your pulse are going to be shown.
A period of chart can reveal your each heart beat.
It uses your phones constitutional camera to trace color changes on the tip that area unit directly coupled to your pulse. this is often a similar technique that medical pulse oximeters use.

Now you have got an opportunity to trace your fitness and health every-time with simply your phone.
Your resting pulse provides you a read into your hearts fitness. The fitter you get the lower your pulse are going to be.

✓ pulse measurements
✓ Real time PPG graph – see your each heart beat
✓ Cardio exertion observance


Blood Pressure (BP) Calculator

A new distinctive Health Application – a requirement have!
It calculates and checking your blood pressure or crucial level with appx. ±10%
“Blood pressure” is that the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries because the heart pumps blood. If this blood pressure increase and stays long over time, it will distress the body in some ways.
It is wise to stay a track of BP levels throughout the day. So we got developed one thing that calculates your BP in an exceedingly convenient manner.
Now you will not have to be compelled to carry a significant instrumentality with you. All you wish is that this ever helpful application.
● Measure your pulsation and beat Blood pressures quickly.
● Small and straightforward to use application.
● Periodically check your pressure level readings within the Application.
● Symptoms and tips to assist you retain your pressure level on top of things.