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Monster Truck Destruction

The drive and demolish your thanks to fame.
Your fans area unit line out for demolition and your progressing to certify they get it! Drag the wheel of 1 of 30 monster trucks and place it to its limits to destroy everything seeable. Spin your wheels in ruthless Drag races or send your ride saltation off jumps and wonderful into different cars in race or modle.
Drive 30 completely different monster trucks together with the fabled Big foot through drag races that take a look at your handling and race races wherever destruction and impede wow the crowds.
Play around with truck physics that source trucks to rebound, drift, and tire slither realistically.The break through cars to examine the dynamic harm system in action and spectacular graphics.
Visit the depot and upgrade your trucks with new engine, intake, trans, shocks, and exhaust half that transform your ability to leap more over cars and smash through item.
Game Features:
• Thrilling and damaging gameplay
• Realistic truck physics and a spirited harm system
• Trawl, Freestyle, and Championships to Play in
• glorious visuals and a head-banging sound recording
• choose between four completely different management ways from faucet steering to twin joysticks
• Take photos of your stunts and ration then on Facebook and Twitter

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