papa pear saga featured

Papa Pear Saga


Take level and unleash patriarch Pear to bounce and boing his manner through the splendidly quirky levels of this distinctive puzzle game.

Please note Papa Pear Saga adventure story is totally liberated to play however some in game things like further moves or lives would force payment.
Join Papa Pear on a expedition through over a 100 levels stuffed with fruity pegs, hazelnuts and insane chillies.
Now Exciting exploit expect you within the Fruity Forest, the nice Pearamids and on the far side. therefore bring your friends and see United Nations agency will get the very best score! BOING!!

Papa Pear adventure story features:
•Ideal graphics that may have you ever bouncing for joy
•Easy and fun to play, however a challenge to totally master
•Over a hundred wonderful levels
•Leaderboards for you and your friends
•Items to unlock by finishing levels
•Boosters and Power ups to assist with those difficult levels
•Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version

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